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MIG Welders For Sale

We believe it is important to create a good relationship with all of our customers, so if you’re looking to purchase some new MIG Welding equipment, or want to check out our MIG Welders for sale, feel free to contact us, and we’ll dedicate ourselves to helping you find the MIG Welder that is perfect for you.

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About MIG Welders For Sale

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding, also known as gas metal arc welding (GMAW), is usually a semi-automatic or automatic welding process where continuous and consumable wire electrodes and a shielding gas are tunnelled through a welding gun. MIG Welding is the most common form of industrial welding in Australia, due to its ease, low time consumption and overall versatility.

It is not uncommon for an automobile manufacturer to use nothing but MIG Welders. MIG Welders are especially popular on steels as they have a much lower welding time compared to other welding methods and are easily adaptable to robotic automation.

The most common gases used are carbon dioxide for general purpose welding. It is the cheapest of the welding gases, and creates a good weld. Argon and carbon dioxide is also used in a mixture to have a welding arc with less spatter, giving cleaner welds. Pure argon gas is used to obtain the best welds when welding aluminum.

The GMAW process have a number of advantages over the other common welding processes. The welding gun has a trigger to control the electrode which allows you to position it without accidentally striking an arc. When you have it in the correct place all you have to do is flip down your helmet and pull the trigger.

The inert shielding gases make the welds smooth and clean. There is no slag to chip off. Our MIG welders for sale are also very well suited to weld sheet metal and thinner metals. This is because they can weld at lower amperage than most welders. Most MIG welders for sale will always use DC current to strike the welding arc. This is because using alternating current doesn’t give you a steady arc. On a MIG welder you can adjust the voltage, amperage and the speed at which the wire is fed through the welder.

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